Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dog Days of Summer?

I should go back in the blog and read some of my "end-of-summer" posts and see if I am afflicted in the same way every year.  I'm just feeling unsettled, unfocused. I miss interpreting, but I have lost some confidence since I don't interpret daily. I have been thinking of setting up some kind of practice and at the same time, that feels sort of artificial.

I have been thinking about when I can go to the beach, but we have another show right around the corner, so there is no rest until at least after August 25.  I just want a couple of days at the beach - to reset my inner self. There is just something about the rhythms of the ocean that relax me so deeply.

I have been wanting to also re-enter my reading world - I have STACKS of books that I want to read and my ability to attend to a book is greatly diminished. I just need to stop allowing myself to be distracted by everything. 30 minutes a day is not that hard. I want to get back to that.

Anyway, these are just some of the thoughts I have been having. And art journals, cleaning out the car, how will the downgrade affect the economy, getting up earlier, doing the laundry, etc.  My brain is all over the place lately. It will be fine - it's just a little chaotic right now, but it will settle down.

For now, I will just think beach-y thoughts. :)

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