Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Truth?

I feel lost today. I have been feeling that way for a little while now and I can't shake it. It will be okay - I just have to work through it. It is probably one of those "every ten years" things you have to go through.  Just feeling like a stranger in a strange land most of the time. Thinking about stuff - decisions, choices, blocks, courage.

I think it is the heat and the lack of sleep that hit me today. It was really humid overnight and I had the first "can't sleep" nights of the summer. I felt lucky on the one hand that I have only had one night like that and it is nearing the end of August. Most summers, I feel pretty sleep deprived.  I need some decompression time.  One of my friends on Facebook from my telecourse a couple of years ago went on a 5 Day Silent retreat - and not the American Sign Language kind. Totally silent. I love the idea of that. I'm thinking I might create one for myself. Intriguing thought.

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