Sunday, August 21, 2011

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Where Do You Go When It's Time For Escape?
"When I was small and easily wounded, books were my carapace. If I were recalled to my hurts in the middle of a book, they somehow mattered less. My corporeal life was slight; the dazzling one in my head was what really mattered." ~ Lauren Groff The Monsters of Templeton
Books have always been my means of escape. When life gets to be too much to swallow I either slip on my sneakers and go for a run or I grab a book and fly away. For hours I dive into another person's life and live vicariously through them. When I emerge I feel a bit more able to deal with my own life.

How do you escape your reality? What gives you reprieve from your life when it gets to be too much?

I think this is my biggest problem right now - I haven't been doing much to escape my reality, so I don't always feel like I'm getting a reprieve from my life.  I don't always feel it, but sometimes it creeps up on me.

I guess if I had to choose something, I would say that I use the internet for escaping now more than books. I really want to stop doing that, though. I know that the escape I find in books is much more satisfying and REAL. The other way that I sort of escape reality is through working in my art journals. I love doing it, but I often get to a stuck place because I don't always know how to do certain techniques and I'm not very artful sometimes. I find that having to take things out and set up and take it down again is often a deterrent, so I am planning to work on making my extra closet a mini-office space where I can keep my art stuff out sometimes.

I'm frustrated with myself about the reading situation, though. I don't really understand how my reading habits changed so radically. I think it might have something to do with staring at a computer all day eyes definitely feel it. At the same time, I long for a good story to spirit me away.

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