Wednesday, August 3, 2011

No Tangible Art

It is interesting to go from "30 Days of Get Your Art On" to zero tangible art.  It wasn't purposeful, but just the nature of rehearsing for a show and having a full time job and other commitments.  I managed to waste time in other ways, but I haven't produced any art journal pages or written in my journal or ANYTHING tangible.  I'm not upset about it, but it is strange. I feel a little like I forgot to do something and then I realize that it is just that I'm used to getting a little glue on my hands every day.

Tomorrow is the show, so wish me luck or "break a leg" or "break a finger", as it were. I'm excited to interpret and nervous - shows that I love are always a blessing and a curse - blessing to do a show I know and love, but a curse because I'm always extra nervous.  It will be a good show - I just want our audience to have a good time and understand the story.

Anyway, back to rehearse some more.

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