Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"Phantom" Fathom Event

I went to the 25th Anniversary performance of "Phantom of the Opera" at the movie theatre.  I like to support these kinds of theatrical special events so that someone will continue to think they are worthwhile endeavors. It was not the same as "Les Miserables" for me - there is a different kind of affection for each show and a different emotional level in each show.

"Phantom" has never been my favorite show, but it has special meanings for me because it was popular when Roby was still vibrant and healthy and we used to sing it together on the way to the beach or just driving around.

The movie version was the actual show - the play was filmed.  It was rather spectacular in digital high definition. The woman who played Christine was the original Ariel in the Broadway version of "The Little Mermaid". There were other standouts. The gentleman who played the Phantom was pretty good but a little harsh for me until the end. Honestly, the whole reason to watch the show is the last couple of scenes when Christine finally understands Phantom's pain and can get through to him.

In the movie version, they called Andrew Lloyd Weber to the stage at the end, which was fine. He was fairly emotional - understandably.  They had various actors who had played Phantom come and sing and the remaining Original Cast members came out. They had Sarah Brightman sing a song with the 4 chosen Phantoms and then they rushed Michael Crawford onstage briefly.  He looked very emotional - they said he had hurried over from another performance elsewhere.  I think every person in the audience live and every person watching it in the movie theater was really expecting, hoping, wishing he would sing. He did not. All I could think was that I hoped it was his choice not to sing - rushed and emotional and with something that was over for him so long ago.  Either way, it was a little bit anti-climactic. I'm glad I went, but it was no "Les Miz".

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