Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Toto, I don't Believe We're in Kansas Anymore...

Lately, I sometimes feel like I just dropped in from another planet.  Every television commercial is a phone or some weird thing that I don't need. We are bombarded with weird people, scary events, strange behavior and we don't really have the tools to deal with it all, in my opinion. At least I don't. Even driving is scarier than it was. My brain just can't seem to sort it all out...too much input.

I wonder what our maximum capacity is?  I see the opposite behaviors pretty regularly, though in less quantity. People reaching out to each other, people making time for each other, people doing kind things, trying to make a difference.  There is a lot of goodness out there, we just don't celebrate it as much as a culture - scandals and titillation seem to sell more ad time.

I just wonder how much we can take before we just drop to the ground...some days, that moment feels closer than others.

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