Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Session - Art Journal

I did some more on my art journals.  I collaged the back of the composition book, thickened some more pages. I built a new J.O.Y. journal and decorated the cover with scraps from building the journal. I had painted pages a couple of months ago (on Labor Day, I think) and hadn't used them, so I used them to make the cover. It is different than what I normally do, so I like it a lot - just something new...

This is the back of the Composition Journal - the front says, "Never Hide" but the cover isn't done yet.

Made from painted strips of scrap from making the journal iteself.

I liked the phrase that was on the cardstock I was using for the cover of this journal, so I decided to keep it and play around a little bit to see what I would get.

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  1. Hi Jean. Thanks for stopping by. Miss ya. I am just playing games on face book for a while now. I am fine. just needed some brain dead time. Love your pages. Sorry I have not been by for a while. Hope you are doing fine. Talk again soon. E :)



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