Saturday, March 21, 2009

Losing my Marbles

So, recently, I have gone through a spate of losing things. I don't usually lose things - maybe misplace, occasionally. But my pink phone has been missing, I thought I had left my iPod on the airplane coming back from a trip a couple of weeks ago, etc. The pink phone was found tonight - in a completely strange place...I'm not sure I would have ever found it except that I was looking for something else. Isn't that the way?

I had a very unproductive day of reading, trying to figure out the VisualLibrary on Facebook (it is a failure), loading cds onto iTunes and watching "Bolt" (which was cute, but my favorite part was listening to John Travolta sing in the credits). As I was loading music onto iTunes, I realized I had long ago crossed the "stuck in a decade of music" era of my life. Basically, I don't have much new music past about 1993. The only newer stuff is either Broadway shows or stuff from singers on American Idol. And I have a lot of CDs that are still in the plastic. What is that about? I have not been listening to much music this year, but have been working on changing that with my iPod. Mostly, it is for work - being able to have all my shows on one small device is GREAT, but really, it is a lot of work. Load the songs on, wait for them, sync up the iPod to the computer, etc. It isn't hard, but sticking the CD into the disc player isn't hard either. It's weird what we get used to. Anyway, I'm an music fuddy-duddy. I look at the list of artists who have number one songs and I only recognize one or two names and I can't really sing their songs or even name them.

Anyway, today wasn't bad for a Saturday, but I wish I had done something a little productive. I'm off to work on "Wicked", so I guess that counts. :)

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