Sunday, March 22, 2009

Unconditional Love: Jackson

My best doggie friend, Jackson, died last Sunday. He had been ill for some time and I got to be with him for a short time on his last day on earth. It was very heartbreaking and reminded me again that life is short.

When we had his burial, my friend asked me if I had learned anything from him and I said, "I learned always to smile when you are happy to see someone." Jackson, from the day he came home with them, always smiled so big and wagged his tail so hard when I came over. He barked at the sound of my car, the mention of my name. I always knew that he was happy to see me. That feels good, even from a dog.

Farewell, Jackson. I was always happy to see you, too.

Jackson Burns

October 13 1996 - March 15 2009

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