Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Real Post Today

This week has been incredibly difficult for a variety of reasons which I cannot discuss on the internet, but it was bad enough that I just left work early saying, "I need to leave before I hurt something."

So, I left.  I had a little lunch and an ice cream cone.  Then I came home - during DAYLIGHT- and I decided to take a couple of pictures...I am still learning about my digital camera and eternally frustrated at my lack of skill.  

BUT  I found a little treasure on and I have been wanting to get some good pics so that I can use it in my blog header...but the photos aren't good enough yet.  I will be reading up on how to manage the flash and the focus on a digital camera so that I can get always LOOKS like it will be a good photo, but then the camera focuses on something else and it is all fuzzy.  I have to learn what the settings all mean...

Anyway, for your enjoyment and my entertainment, here are some more crappy photos...and meet Max.

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