Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Step One: The Perfect Tool

So, I went to the bookstore at my local community college today (I was there...) and bought a magenta sharpie.  It was the color I was thinking of to use in my new adventure in Life is a Verb...when I first approached the Sharpie display, there were purple, pink, blue, red, brown...no magenta.  I found some poor substitutes, and dejectedly walked towards the front of the store and LO!  there was a second Sharpie display and a MAGENTA marker!!

Just what I wanted.  I thought about it all day and now it is probably too late for me to do anything tonight...I'm tired from staying up too late last night.  But I am ready for marginalia.  I am ready to dive into my book.  And I'm still thinking about DEFYING GRAVITY.  Life is good.

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