Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Watching "Wicked" was GOOD

I went to see the show tonight - for myself, for pleasure.  I didn't bring my script and I tried not to think about which character I was interpreting and what each line means.

The first night we saw the show, the actress playing Elphaba was the understudy.  She was quite good - the whole show seemed lacking in energy a little bit (I can't remember what day we went..a Wednesday?).

Last night, the energy was there.  The woman who played Elphaba was AMAZING.  She gave me head to toe chills in her first song.    Click here for to read a bit of the Oregonian review.  

I love this show because it is about appearances, about politics, loyalty, friendship, diversity and self-esteem.  Lofty topics for a Broadway show, but hell, we loved Les Miserables, so this should be cake.

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