Saturday, March 14, 2009

Keeping My Word

So, as I said I would, here are the first of many truly awful pictures taken by me and my new digital camera.  I have started on inanimate objects because they will not be mad when I take a horrible picture of them. :)  

I am not a good photographer because I see something in my mind's eye and I have NO IDEA how to execute it in real life.  It is frustrating for me and I prefer to do everything PERFECTLY (when am I going to get over that - I don't do ANYTHING perfectly - I don't know why I think/expect that something new will be perfect...It's annoying that I know this intellectually, but emotionally, it keeps rearing its ugly head).  

Anyway, here ya go:

This is the dashboard of my happy Yellow car. I love that it has yellow INSIDE so I can enjoy it.

This is the pink kitty clock that my co-workers gave me last year for my birthday. I love PINK and Kitties, so it was the perfect thing!

Last two pics are of classic pooh stuff I have at home from over the years. It's a Roby and Jean thing.

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