Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Unfortunately, Jean

Since things are a little crazy right now, I thought I would leave you some fun little memes.

This one is from Shannon and Rachel.

Basically, you go to Google and type in "unfortunately" and your name and then report back on the results.  If you are funny, you can add wise-cracks as Shannon and Rachel did.

Unfortunately, Jean's marriage to Scott took a turn for the worse, as Scott worried that Jean would turn evil.  (little did he know that she already WAS evil.  )

Unfortunately, Jean's right knee went through the snow/ice bank at the side of the rode. The knee stopped but she didn't! (Um, why wasn't this sent immediately to America's funniest home videos?  It might have been worth $100,000...)

Unfortunately, Jean's attorney missed the barely concealed scorn in the poem, the guilt-ridden and sado-masochistic connotations. (no comment)

Unfortunately, Jean lives out her fantasies through her coterie of highly suggestible girls. (ok, this one has to be identified - "Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, people!)

Unfortunately, Jean died suddenly before he could return to the Canadian Rockies and attempt to climb its second highest peak. (why DO people climb mountains, anyway?)

Unfortunately, Jean's quiet existence was shattered at age ten, when her powers manifested. (and nothing has been the same since...)

***Unfortunately, Jean is not able to fulfill autograph requests at this time.*** (nuff said)

Unfortunately, Jean will be leaving Hopkinton soon to join her relocated family in Tucson, Arizona. (whom she has never met...)

Unfortunately, Jean never made it to the major leagues, but she fulfilled her biggest dream with the publication of "The Girl Who Struck Out Babe Ruth". (I got nothing.)


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  1. You're not gonna believe this. Someone on Facebook challenged me to the Unfortunately game and your blog post came up. Bam! Thanks for doing the dirty work. We have some things in common: I'm 40-something; my significant other is legally deaf; I leave on the opposite end (the Atlantic Southeast);I'm against disease, too-- and remind people to wash their hands quite often; I like books, movies and musicals, too. I use my library card for all three.
    My blog is "It's all good." My last entry was a little sharp. I'm not like that too often. I noticed that you didn't blog every day in March.... Que pasa?



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