Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"Wicked" Appearances

I went to see the show tonight for our rehearsal purposes. The energy was definitely Wednesday evening energy. There were a couple of understudies which is not always a bad thing. The Elphaba understudy had an excellent range in her voice - I liked the deeper, meatier notes.

Seeing the show only served to make me nervous again. I wonder how much of my anxiety comes from the fact that I don't interpret all day every day anymore. I miss the work - I miss the brain activity. It is so different from processing paperwork and reading a million emails a day.

Things are coming along in the translation department - lots of ideas marinating in my brain (Thanks, Todd!). I hope I can do the show justice.

I love the whole idea a la "Into the Woods" of nice and good not always being the same thing. We are so fooled by appearances and assumptions. If someone looks a certain way, they must fit into this personality category. I hate that. It boxes people up and doesn't allow for us to be individuals who are complex and different in so many beautiful ways. I also understand the moment of epiphany when you realize that the only thing you can really control is your own behavior and response and that others are going to do whatever they are going to do, whether we manipulate or grab or try to change their minds. That is such a freeing moment - the moment we discover how small we are in relation to everything and how big we are in relationship to ourselves.

I'm going to stop babbling. I'm tired now. Going to bed.

Defy Gravity.

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  1. I like your "Into the Woods" analogy of "nice" not always being "good". Fantastic point.

    It's not easy being Green.




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