Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Nablopomo - One more month = 365 days

I have been working on Nablopomo daily since last November. Occasionally, I write a post and only save it as a draft, or I finish it just after midnight or I write them by hand and publish them when I'm back at the computer.  But I have been able to put something up daily for almost a year now. Sometimes something small - a picture, a poem, sometimes a video, something longer.

I don't really know why it has been so important to me to post at least SOMETHING every day.  I guess when I started, this was kind of my online diary or record of me or something. I didn't expect to meet anyone, to find such friends, to have old friends find me here.  It feels great to just write.

So, tonight, I was just thinking about how close I am to my goal of posting every day for a year.  I think I will continue to participate in Nablopomo monthly - it holds me accountable in some small, intangible way.  I like it. 

October's theme is Haunted.  I'm not good with the themes...we'll see what happens.  Maybe I can theme it once a week or something. Who knows?

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