Monday, September 7, 2009

Laboring on Labor Day

I have been working all weekend in preparation for a business trip, which, by the way, I never thought I would EVER type. "I'm going on a business trip." It seems so foreign.

So, aside from my date yesterday, I have been hunched over a computer all weekend trying to get ready for some presentations. I feel pretty good about the work I have done, but I would like to have my weekend back, please. :)

I am packed and ready to go, and I have my mobile2blogger address so that I can try to send some posts from my secret location. Ha. Sounds way more interesting than it is, but I don't like to really detail stuff about work here. Just seems like a good idea to keep the two worlds separate.

I am dragging my copy of "The Artist's Way" with me so hopefully, in a totally new environment, I will be able to do some work on the journey. It will be a nice getaway, in some ways. New space, different people, different worries.

Anyway, look for remote posts. No guarantee how long or brilliant they will be, but I haven't been away from the blog in a long time. If I can't post remotely, I will do manual posts and then put them online when I get back. Might even be more interesting than I have been lately.

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