Saturday, September 26, 2009

"Rainbow's" End

I was dismayed to find out today (belatedly) that the PBS show, "Reading Rainbow" with LeVar Burton (of "Roots" and "Star Trek: The Next Generation" fame) will no longer be broadcast.

Have you ever felt acute disappointment about something that doesn't even really affect you?  That is how I feel today. I was too old to be impacted by "Reading Rainbow" since I was almost out of high school when it started, but I have always felt a comfort in knowing that someone out there was helping kids understand the world of books and teaching them that reading is FUN!

I'm saddened to think that there is no advocacy on one of our society's most powerful mediums (maybe there is something on cable, but I don't have it and I doubt if there is anything comparable).

Third SOTA anyone?

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