Friday, September 11, 2009

Mystique?? Dispelling Rumors

So, my friend came to visit last night. Here's what happened...She was originally going to be here around 6pm at the end of the work day for me. She had to work late and didn't get in until 8:15pm or so. I went to dinner with my other California girlfriend who I also have not seen in a year. After dinner, we walked back to the hotel and then S. arrived. We met her, my other friend went upstairs and S. and I went in to talk. She had come from 2 hours away so we determined that it would be best for her to stay over and leave in the morning.

We talked and talked until well past midnight. This morning, I packed my suitcase and got ready to check out of the hotel. We went to the lobby to eat the continental breakfast and talk some more. When we entered the breakfast area, three of my colleages were there already and turned with some surprise when I arrived with an unknown person. I introduced them and we sat down separately and chatted.

It came to my attention later that since I don't really discuss my personal life at work, everyone was speculating about Jean and the woman who stayed in her hotel room all night and came to breakfast.

Why don't people ask questions? Why do we just make assumptions? People prefer this speculation and mystique to actually getting information and knowledge. Why don't I ever realize/remember/recognize things are going to go this way? Not that I could have changed it, but I could have been prepared for it.

For the record, we are FRIENDS. S and her partner are two of my best friends. My other friend who was in Cali with me this week and S and partner and I are all going to Dave Walley's Hot Springs in about four weeks. I can't wait to spend some time with my good friends again. The time we had this week was too short and full of other stuff interfering. Vacations are the only way to go.

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