Thursday, September 24, 2009

Weight of the World or Bad Ergonomics?

I hurt my back sometime Monday.  I can't decide if it is from sitting in a chair that completely doesn't suit my body or if it is the weight of the world that feels like it is resting on my shoulders this week.  Monday night was the worst - I couldn't sit, stand or lay for very long at all - didn't get much sleep.  Tuesday was a little better, but not great.

Little by little, I am feeling better, but I have had to forego my "Wizard of Oz" viewing, have gotten very little accomplished this week and am feeling very down about the whole thing.  I hate feeling so slowed down, but I think it is a message from the Universe.  

Suffice to say that this week has not been the best week.  I know it will all settle down.  I know that my back will feel better soon. I'm looking forward to spa time - a little coddling will be a welcome relief.

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