Saturday, September 5, 2009

7 Tidbits about Me

My Wreck-Sister, Kavindra, mentioned WildRumpusing over at her blog, A Clear Path To Happy and asked readers to tell 7 Tidbits about themselves, so I today is Seven Tidbit Saturday. :)

1. I am easily moved to tears by poetry, art, theatre, movies. Over the course of my life, different people have tried to convince me that I was "too sensitive" and crying was not the appropriate response. I don't believe them. Being moved to tears is a beautiful thing. It reminds me that I have a heart and soul and that they are still intact.

2. I can carry off a joke and keep it running for YEARS. Remind me to tell you the "CheezIt licking story" sometime. Or the "whole chicken in a can" story. YEARS, I tell you.

3. I love toys. Roby used to always love the villians and he eventually convinced me that they were more interesting toys. My favorite villain toy is Evil Scowlene. They pulled her from the shelves because she was too scary for kids - her head glows in the dark and she looks a little like Joan Crawford.

4. I love movies. I love to cry at movies. I love to laugh at movies. I love movies.

5. I lived in Wiesbaden Germany for three years and I believe that experience shaped my life to help me make friends fast, to be more aware of other cultures, to have an inkling what it feels like to be in the minority group somewhere (rare for a white middle class American), and to learn other languages as equal to my native one.

6. I miss laying on my bed, listening to music and reading. I used to do that more. Now, I just catch snatches of my book, snatches of music (unless I'm rehearsing for a show). I think I feel guilty if I'm not doing something "productive". I have to stop that.

7. My favorite place in the world is the Oregon Coast. It sings to me when I get close. It is the place where I feel my shoulders drop, the tension in my neck leaves. The smell of the ocean soothes me. When I am there, I want to write and sleep and read and live a completely different kind of life. I used to go to the coast once a week, but now, as I am older and set in my ways, it doesn't happen like that anymore.

Any of you reading, please feel free to do 7 tidbits on your blog!

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  1. Ahhh... Sweet, sweet chicken in a can (tastey hot or cold!). I must remember to check my local grocer for such an item... perchance some year for Christmas you may recieve an odd, cylindrical gift under your pagan tree of the yule...



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