Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Leaving on a Jet Plane

It only took 7.5 hours from the time I got to the airport to the time I arrived at my hotel.  You look at the flight time of about 1 hour and 45 minutes and think it will be a short day of travel, but that isn't taking into account the two hours at the airport, the plethora of annoyances at the airport (we still have to take off our shoes) and the shuttle to the shuttle.

The hotel is quite nice - I was surprised because of the brand name of the hotel - usually pretty basic, but it was very nice, bed seems comfy (I've only sat on it for a few minutes).

I overpacked, as usual. I don't really know why I'm prone to OVERPACKING  (yes, all caps). I get paranoid and I bring like 2 outfits per day. Um. I don't always change clothes after work at home...sometimes, if it is hot or if I'm wearing something really nice.  I have to learn how to pack light.  My biggest problem is that I'm like a goldfish.  They grow to fit their water container.  I fill the suitcase, the backpack and the purse. NO.  Fill one.  There is no reason to have that much crap. Ever.  I have to figure this out.  And on the way home, more stuff in the suitcase that I am checking, less stuff in the backpack as it didn't fit in the overhead bins.  We flew Alaska/Horizon and I have NEVER seen smaller overhead bins.  A backpack didn't fit in the overhead bin. Crazy.

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