Sunday, September 27, 2009

Peer Call, Rehearsal, etc.

My back is tons better, although not 100%. I had a great peer call today with one of the instructors of my telecourse - just the conversation I needed to have. Right before it, I was freaking out - literally thinking that maybe I was having a nervous breakdown (I'm not) and thinking about taking time off work and AARRGGHH! Then we had the most lovely call and I didn't feel so beginner-y and so lost or alone, at least.

Rehearsal was good but a little longish, so I am tired and ready to go to bed.

Good night, all.

P.S. I saved this in a draft last night (Sunday), but didn't publish. I guess I WAS tired.

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  1. I am working on "Men from Mars, Women from Venus" (or something like that) co-sponsored by your agency and a community service agency here in Sac; I am also doing "Pinocchio" for a local childrens' theater. Freaking out since it's been SEVEN YEARS (maybe more) since I last worked a show.

    What about you? Whatcha doing right now?




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