Monday, November 22, 2010

Winter Wonderland?!?

I really wish that I could enjoy the snow. It is so beautiful on the trees and on the ground. But I don't enjoy it at all. I worry. I worry about work, I worry about getting to or from work. I worry about the people I work with and if they will be safe and take care of themselves or if they will worry and try so hard to get there and put themselves in danger.

We don't know how to drive in the snow and everyone makes fun of Portland for practically closing down, but with the snow comes ice and danger when you have to drive over bridges and overpasses that cover water. Schools and businesses don't want to close, so they wait until the last minute to decide which means there are almost always some people who had already started their trek before the decision was made.  Sometimes, I just wish we didn't have so many hills or so much ice or so many over-water roads. Maybe it would be easier then.

I feel cranky about the snow because everyone is always wishing for it and then when it comes, they complain or are upset when decisions are made that mean they have to continue real life and drive in treacherous conditions. STOP WISHING FOR SNOW for heaven's sake!  The only time I really welcome snow at this point is when everyone is already at home and no one will be affected (which is really never, when you think about it...)

Anyway, that's all. I don't even feel better for being cranky about it.

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