Monday, November 8, 2010

Update on Payment

I got a copy of the receipt and I HAD paid for the workshop. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I was really worried about it. Knowing that I had done what I thought, that I had taken care of business, was a huge relief.  I even got a lovely email from the assistant of one of the presenters.

I don't know WHY I get so caught up in this kind of stuff sometimes. Maybe it is my way of distracting myself or disconnecting with the material just a little. I was fully present for about 99% of the retreat except for those few moments when the thought of having not paid would niggle into my head. I fought it off because I knew that I had the integrity to make sure that I had paid my way. It was just the idea that I was there BEFORE I had paid.

Anyway, it is all taken care of and I was not insane thinking that I had paid for the retreat - I had. Done.

On a side note, this time of year drives me crazy.  I was freezing when I got home from work, turned up the heat a bit. The heater went crazy and it is 75+degrees in here and I am dying. I had to turn on the fan. I turned the heater down, but the heat is lingering. Ugh.  Fall is always like this - the temperature either goes one way or the other. Never just temperate. I should remember that I don't want the heat on and just put on a sweater.  Geez.

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