Friday, November 12, 2010

Where is My Poetry?

I was thinking about poetry this week, as I said yesterday. Then, at work today, I had a conversation that helped me understand where my poetry went. We were talking about how technology has changed communication.

In school, we learn how to write letters, how to write essays, all the rules of grammar and form and then we learn to break those rules in creative writing. Then, we go out into the world and we work. The need for certain kinds of communication decreases, the world changes and we start talking in Twitter and Facebook and bullets and business. Our relationships change as we stop being oriented towards hanging out and start love relationships and families. As responsibilities start to become more important and more present, if you haven't been practicing your poetry, your poetic thinking, it hides somewhere between email writing and clear business language.

That's where my poetry went. I realized today, I'm going to have to coax it out. It might take awhile. I'm not sure what will tempt it to come back out.

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