Friday, November 5, 2010

Reading, Missed Opportunity, and Oversight

Tonight was the reading I have been anxiously awaiting at Powell's at Cedar Hills Crossing.  Patti Digh, Jennifer Louden and Susan Piver each read from their newest offerings, did a book signing and a Q and A.  To my surprise, Patti recognized me and remembered my name when she arrived.  It was a good time and I laughed a lot. These women are going to inspire me tomorrow, for sure.

I brought my camera with me tonight - not the phone kind, but my actual digital camera. It is small and cute and I had every intention of whipping that baby out and snapping some pictures of the authors tonight as they conducted the event. I had the camera out a couple of times, even turned it on, made sure the flash was off...but I couldn't do it.  They were engaging speakers, making eye contact around the room...I just couldn't bring that camera out to spoil it. I will never be a photographer at heart... I did realize that I might have been more inclined to take photos if my camera didn't make so much noise. It has all these little beeps and blips and I don't know how to turn them off. When I left, I had a momentary regret at not taking at least ONE photo. I have tomorrow, I suppose. Just felt like a missed opportunity.

Speaking of missed opportunities, on to the oversight... I remember THE DAY that I saw Patti would be in town and that she was co-teaching a retreat. I saw the announcement first on Facebook and then I went immediately to her blog, 37Days, clicked on the hot link and started the registration process.  I remember it down to the fact that the company was Jennifer Louden, Inc. and there was an option to pay through PayPal or with my debit card. I decided to pay with PayPal. Apparently, that is where my memory ended. I have looked for a confirmation email, receipt for payment, etc. and I haven't received anything. I should have been more assertive and sent a note inquiring about time and specific location, etc.  Sigh. Tonight, as I searched for a confirmation, some information, needed supplies, ANYTHING, I got frustrated. Went to my bank account, which I had been locked out of for a long time, so I'm not in the habit of checking it often.  Nothing. Went to PayPal...Ah. Then, I remembered.  I had tried to pay with PayPal and found out my account had been hacked or was suspected of being hacked so it was suspended and I had to go through this whole process of verifying my identity. I'm glad that they protect consumers - I just wish I had remembered. So apparently, instead of immediately going back to the registration and paying with a credit card or my debit card, I imagined that I had completed the payment. Now, the night before the workshop, I am happy to know that they still have slots open...although, I was hoping they would fill the whole workshop. I feel stupid and a little embarrassed and really, what I know is that it was just an honest mistake. I'm frustrated with myself, more than anything.

On a final note, Patti passed out rocks from her Rock Fairy tonight. We each got to take a random rock with a message painted on it.  Many people found that they got the perfect rock for them. I have to think about mine. My first reaction was, "What? This isn't the right rock for me. I want one of those "Perfect for me" rocks."  But I am just sitting with this. There is something there, but I don't know what.

Ready for it?

"What is your hidden secret?"

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