Sunday, November 14, 2010

What Was I Supposed to be Doing?

I have been cleaning, decluttering and getting distracted from all of the above this weekend. I have made some progress, although not enough for my taste. Then I got distracted because I was frustrated with my progress but lack of progress in my head.

I found some of the photos I have been wanting to scan, so I did and am posting them here today. I'm still frustrated with my lack of ability to scan slides, though. I have a feeling I'm going to have to go professional on them, but I have heard that they ruin the slide if you do take them in. I'm not sure I'm ready/willing to chance that just yet.

So here are some of the photos I've unearthed today. I found more, but I didn't feel like taking the time to edit them all, so I will post more in the coming weeks.  For now, some childhood photos, a picture of my dad, my mom, some of my sister and I.
Good memories, all.

David F. Miller, USAF probably around 1973ish

Sandy (5), Jean (5), Linda (9) May 1973. Aurora, Colorado in front of our house. Crawford Elementary School is across the street.

My fifth birthday. Friends of the family, the Browns, there celebrating with us.

My fifth birthday with the pink stuffed dog gift I fell in love with instantly.

Linda and I in the "little bedroom" with Pez dispensers. I remember watching "Emergency" in there and listening to Kenny Rogers and the First Edition in here.

Me. 1973 Easter dress. Close up from the next photo.

I have to rescan this straight. Linda and I in our identical Easter dresses. I believe we have photos of us outside, as well, where you can see that the state of my dress is much more disheveled. 1973.

Me again. May 1973. Detail from the earlier photo. I like this picture. :)

Linda from when Mom was living in West Virginia while my dad was in Vietnam.

Mom when she was living in West Virginia while my dad was in Vietnam. Probably 1964-65.   
It was nice to see some of these old photos.  My family never hung photos because we were in the military and they would have to pay for any "damage" done to the apartments we lived in. Basically, white walls. Photos mostly on slides and one or two photo albums. Then, almost all of our photos from the time we were in Germany were stolen when we were moving back to the U.S.A. - the cameras were in the same boxes as the photos.  (Lesson learned.) My parents would pull out the old slide projector once or twice a year, so seeing old photos is always a big treat for me.

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