Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Fatigue

It is fascinating to me that expending emotional energy is much more taxing to me than working a long week or doing a show or traveling.  It is on my mind because this week has been one of those weeks.  By yesterday, I literally felt like someone was beating me up in my sleep.  One evening, I went home and ended up in my pajamas by 8pm.  I didn't necessarily go to bed at 8pm, but having my pjs at that time is quite a statement for me.

Other things I have been thinking about this week - where is the art?  I have been thinking about it so much and looking at blogs and books and magazines about art journaling, etc., but I haven't been DOING art.  That is frustrating for me - I WANT to, but I just haven't done it. I think the whole "set it up, do it, take it down" is a big deterrent for me. I want to have a space where I can leave a project without having to clean it up before I am done with it.  I was fantasizing about having a studio space the other day. It isn't really practical, but I like to think about it.

I'm hoping to take some classes at either Art on a Lark or Collage this winter. I also have a PCC catalog, so I may be taking an art class or a writing class this winter. Just something to keep me disciplined and learning new techniques.  That's pretty exciting for me. I love taking classes. I'm thinking about trying to finish my BA degree, too, so starting in classes that are less academic, but that require commitment and energy is a good start.

Well, TGIF!  Here's hoping I play in art and maybe even see the new Harry Potter movie this weekend. :)

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