Friday, November 26, 2010

Forty-Four Years Ago, Roby

Roby in "The Dining Room"
Happy Birthday, Roby.  You would have been 44 years old today. It's hard for me to imagine, especially after unearthing this hysterical photo from high school.  If AIDS hadn't entered our lives when we were so young, I like to think that you would have gone on to be a big name in Portland theatre. I don't know if you would have, but I like to think so.

As I posted on my Facebook, I'm sure Roby is somewhere screaming at me to take this photo down, but it is just one more part of him and is the catalyst for lots of great memories.  I worked at the props master for this show, "The Dining Room" in our senior year of high school. It was a dinner theatre production that we did in the round in the cafeteria. People were served prime rib dinner and then the show. One night, I was rushing across the stage towards the cafeteria and I notice Roby sitting on the edge of the stage. He was very upset. We sat together for a long time that day, just talking. It was one of those moments when I knew we had trust - he hadn't thrown up a wall of humor to throw me off the track. We had a real conversation about real issues in his world.

I would love to know him as a 44 year old. Alas, he was only with us for 29 years. But his memory lives on with many.
Roby and Fiona in "The Dining Room" circa 1985.

Roby, you are fondly remembered. Not just by me. By many. I love you.

Angie and Roby in the Green Room before "The Dining Room" in 1985.

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