Sunday, November 7, 2010

Rise Above

At the end of the retreat, Patti passed out rocks from the Rock Fairy to all the participants. We reached into the box and selected a rock. My rock from Friday night's reading was "What is your hidden secret?" which I am still pondering.

My rock selection from yesterday was "Rise Above".  Immediately, several things came to mind, but they were all small and insignificant. I think this has deeper meaning and is maybe something that I need to spend some time considering. The other thought that flitted through my mind when I read this rock was that perhaps the hidden secret is the thing I need to rise above.  Interesting, huh?

Today, after the retreat, after daylight savings time ended, I am feeling tired. Good tired, but tired. Like "I had a really emotional day" tired or "I just did a show" tired. It's all good. I'm considering doing some art journaling, but I'm not sure yet.

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