Sunday, July 24, 2011

Catch Up Sunday - Days 22 - 24 of 30 Days of GYAO

I love, love, love the "30 Days of Get Your Art On" Challenge.  It helps me to think about art every day and helps me to stay committed to doing it. I just do it for myself. Sometimes I think that my gluing down colors and images isn't really art, but it IS creative and it does express something. I want more - I want to do more, learn more, but I also know that sometimes things happen in time.  I'm just happy to be doing it. It keeps a weight off my shoulders - doesn't take it all away, but it is very Zen-like - you have to be in the moment when you are trying to put something together visually. I need that.

On Friday (Day 22), I chose images I wanted to use as focal images for the last two pages of my J.O.Y. Journal #2.  I have completed the journal's collage portion, which was exciting.  Now I have to get to the pen work.  I did some on Friday - some added embellishments to a couple of pages and pouring over images and backgrounds for the last two pages.  Here are the pages with some embellishment.
Also, I added some glitter to the front cover of the first J.O.Y. journal, but I didn't take a photo. I feel like I have posted a million photos of that cover, so I decided to leave well enough alone. :)

Some of the embellishments were fairly minor, so you may not even see the difference unless you are REALLY looking for it.

 On Saturday (Day 23), I went out with a friend, collected my fused glass (pictures to come), we took some photos together at Cathedral park (mine sucked), ate at my favorite Thai restaurant and drove out to Lacamas Lake (not sure if I'm spelling it right). It was beautiful out and I got a little bit of sun on my arm that is sore today.
I did one art journal page when I came home:

Today, I thought about doing some "spring cleaning", but I didn't. I listened to some good music, did some art, enjoyed some of the sunshine, surfed the net for a while. Nothing exciting, but very nice in terms of weekend.  Today is Day 24 of  "30 Days of Get Your Art On".  Here's my page for today. I'm sort of fond of it.

All in all, a good weekend for art, sunshine, relaxing. I wasn't super-productive in other ways, but that's okay.


  1. That was awesome. :) I really enjoyed your journal pages too.

  2. You have a good eye for how things go together.



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