Wednesday, July 13, 2011

HP Fail :(

Well, not only did I not manage to read the last "Harry Potter" book before the movie is released, I barely made it through the first chapter. Disappointing, I must say. I thought maybe I would spend part of the day tomorrow reading it but it turns out that I didn't get my requested time off for a variety of reasons.  Ah, well. It is sort of par for the course in my reading right now.

I did work on my new little journal today. I'm kind of loving how it turned out so far.  I worked on the inside front cover some more and I taped all the signatures into the cover. I didn't take any photos because, again, I didn't do the work until late in the evening, so it is too dark and the lighting is poor for photos. I will post tomorrow.

I have a lot of stuff percolating in my head, so I'm kind of itching to do some work in one of the collaged journals - just haven't made the time this week. Sometimes, I can't decide if I do that to allow the percolation or if I do it to avoid writing stuff down. Maybe a combination of both.

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