Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Little Fail, but I'm All Right

Okay, so I have fallen down on the "30 Days of Get Your Art On". I was worried about it when I knew I had a show next week. It is hard to fit art (physical art) in when I work, go to rehearsal and get home at 9:30pm, cook and eat dinner...something had to give.  I've been ready to beat myself up over it for a couple of days, but then I realized that is silly. I'm just doing it for me. It feels good to commit to something, but it is also good to take care of myself and my schedule. Sleep is a good thing and that has been the option for the past few days.

The other part of this that makes it easier is that the missed days are all in the name of art. It is certainly a different kind - being involved in theatre feels like making art sometimes or being near art or party to art. :)  Especially "Les Miserables".  It always uplifts me. I can't wait to see it again next week.

So, a fail in some ways, but a WIN in others. Not beating myself up about stuff does not come easily to me, so I'm happy that I have felt like I could give myself a break. I'm hoping to do some art journal stuff over the weekend, so I know I will be able to finish up the 30 days, even if I did miss a few days.

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