Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I Love Mr. Hummel on "Glee"

I was watching Season 2's DVD extras "Glee Jukebox" over the weekend and realized that I LOVE Kurt's Dad, Mr. Hummel (I can't remember his first name as I didn't watch the episodes, just the jukebox).  I have my favorites on the Season 1 DVD set - particularly Kristin Chenoweth singing "One Less Bell to Answer/A House is Not a Home"

but my favorite episodes are with Kurt and his Dad. When I was watching the jukebox this weekend, I especially enjoyed his wedding and the song the kids sang at the reception.

I love that this father is so tender with his son and so loving. I love that he is confused by a son that doesn't fit into any of the molds he thought a boy/man would fit and he struggles to understand but he never stops loving his son. When I see the characters interact, I always wish that Roby could have had a father like that. He didn't. I just think it is so beautiful that finally a show has captured a parent who loves unconditionally even through their own misconceptions and confusion. I cry every time I see their scenes.

When people ask me why I watch "Glee", I usually talk about the music, about the talent of Lea Michele, about having the arts in schools, but one of the main reasons I watch "Glee" is for Kurt and his father. And Chris Colfer. Of course.

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