Friday, July 15, 2011

Days 13 and 14 of 30 Days of Get Your Art On

I know I have not been great about getting my pictures posted daily recently. With the show and long work days, I have a hard time getting good photos sometimes at night, so I have to put it off.

Crappy photo, I know.  This is the inside cover of the new journal. I decided that I was going to put whatever I wanted on this page and the next (in terms of celebs, pics I have used before, etc.). I think this journal started out as something I wanted to do differently.  

This is the next page in the first spread of the new JOY 3 Journal. :)

this page is a little too much for me. I started with the black and white designs on the left side and had a hard time after that, so I just decided to experiment.

Cool Oprah quote. :)

This is the spine of my new book. I made it from the J.O.Y. art journal workshop techniques. If you want to know more, go here.  

I will say that as I was playing around yesterday, I felt like I'm not doing the ART part which is why I used "art-y-ness" because gluing photos down isn't exactly the height of being artistic. I think I'm sort of afraid of the art part. That's the "different" purpose of the new journal - I want to try some different stuff and not be worried about messing it up. :)  We'll see. Maybe I'm just a gluer. I'd be okay with that. I enjoy it. That's what it's supposed to be about.

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