Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 17 of 30 Days to Get Your Art On and A Blogger Rant

Here is the art journal page I worked on yesterday. I really have been enjoying the work.  There is definitely something zen about it - ripping paper, gluing, arranging, etc. I do think that I want to also be posting OTHER stuff - that's where I'm heading. Somewhere between the Ralph Waldo Emerson posts (FAIL) and All Art Journal - All the Time. :)

You may recognize this photo from yesterday's post. It slipped in. I was hoping to post what I had done THAT day, but I have fallen into posting what I did hte day before. Sometimes, I get overly enthusiastic. :) Sorry about that. 

RANT about Blogger's new interface:  Just because you CAN make it different, doesn't mean you should! For heaven's sake. This isn't any faster or easier or better. Now I can't find stuff, I can't figure out how to manoever around. Many of the features show up on a white page with white text and a little orange box around it. I'm sure I have the old IE or something. I like things that stay the same. The world is constant chaos. I would like for something to stay the SAME. 

What is the drive that causes people to want to radically change something or discontinue a whole service because you MIGHT be able to connect 2 nanoseconds faster or you MIGHT be able to run a video and talk on the phone at the same time?  Who the heck knows what the impetus was behind the change in Blogger. I'm sure it had something to do with the Google/Blogger merge. But at least Google is easier to use.  I finally found a groove and was really able to manage the old interface. Now, I just feel frustrated. :( Bad Blogger. Bad.

Hi. My name is Jean and I'm resistant to unnecessary change.

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