Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day Two in the Mile High City

Holy cow, was I tired this morning.  I have a second wind - too bad the others are all from east of here - I'm awake and they are probably all happily snoozing.  No worries, though - I usually need the down time. I love to be around people, but I definitely need the recharge that I get when I just spend some quiet time.

We worked hard today - almost 12 hours. Finally got back to the hotel about an hour ago.  It is raining, so everyone says I brought it from Portland. :) 

Glad Blogger is back up and running - I actually sent them a note today because I have been having problems for several days now. I know there were known issues, but this seemed like mayb the whole blog was GONE.  Funny how attached I am to this - I was kind of stressed out thinking that all the posts were gone. I have them in my email, but it isn't the same thing.  Luckily, it seems that all is well for now. So goes the digital world. 

On a related note - I only have like 10 days left with my sidekick. :(  Everyone has been teasing me. I know I'm a dinosaur - all the technology...I am attracted to it and repelled at the same time. I know I will have to get a new phone for work - I just worry about my ability to use it and I worry that I will be come addicted even more to the online life. I feel like I have a pretty hearty participation now and I don't really feel compelled to increase my level now.  I'm sure I will change my tune when I get a new toy - I just feel like the world is moving too fast for me sometimes. I will adapt.

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  1. Make sure you try to have some fun while you are there too.



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