Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rocky Mountain High

Well, I am in Denver. I got up at 2:00am to get ready and get to the airport in time for a 6am flight.  The flight was uneventful but had a hysterical flight crew. At the end of the flight, one of the attendants said, "Well, I know you are all excited to get off the plane and see your loved ones, but before you do, be sure to redo the back of your hair because it looks awful from where I'm standing."  Everyone just howled.

While I won't say much about my work here, I will say that it is always good to work face-to-face.  It is true with people that you know pretty well, but even more true to develop a rapport with those you don't know very well.  It has been a great day so far, but I'm exhausted and have been struggling to gain access to the blog today.  By the end of the evening with everyone, I realized that the lesson I really needed from this trip, personally, is that I have to rebalance again. I've been talking about it, but I haven't been doing it.  I have to do it.  It is really, really hard to get to know people when you only have work to discuss. I have a whole life and other interests, but I don't participate in them enough and that has an impact over time.

Every May and every October, I come to this epiphany and yet, I haven't been able to stop the ball from rolling down that lane yet.  Maybe this year will be the year?

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