Wednesday, May 25, 2011

End of May!? What Happened?

Where has the time gone this year?  I can't believe it is already the end of is still raining and cold and I haven't taken my May vacation.  All my favorite shows are wrapping up this week and the term is almost over for most schools, colleges and universities.  Wild!

It is so strange to find that time really does pass faster and faster as time goes by. As the world becomes smaller and things get faster, I feel myself pulling back and trying to settle in. I know that it is quaint, in some ways, to hold onto the familiar, but I also think that there is a limit to the amount and speed of change we can really process. I figure I will save up some of my brain power and energy for the changes and new technologies that I have to adopt/adapt to or I will become obsolete.  I think there is a lot more space between here and there than people think.  I have always been a slow-to-warm person, so I know this is just part of my personality.

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