Sunday, May 29, 2011

"Journey of You" Online Class (J.O.Y.)

I was finally able to start my online art journaling class called "Journey of You" by Kelly Kilmer this weekend.  I spend a lot of time pulling images and trying to "get ready" and I just decided that I would start actually doing the journal, which is always the hardest part.

I don't LOVE the pages that I have done so far, but I did them and I am learning from them as I go along and that is really the point.  The cover was not well planned. I think the images and background conflict - the background is too busy - I should have found plainer background pieces.  The next couple of pieces are experiments. I think there are some interesting elements. I can't wait to continue to play around with stuff. I haven't put any writing in the journal yet, but I plan to. That is the part I always leave out, so I'm going to start in this tiny, homemade journal. I can always make another one - as many as I want, so it isn't like it is ruined or anything.  It is all a learning process.

Below are the pages I did this weekend.  The first one is the cover of the journal then the next two pages were done following the instructions (sort of) in the class for different methods of pulling a page together.

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