Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Treats on My Doorstep

I got home from work today to find a package waiting for me!  I love that!  I recently purchased a couple of journals from Kelly Kilmer. She is an artist and art journaler who sometimes teaches locally (at Art on a Lark in Hillsboro) and does some online courses.  I have been using some of her templates on the most recent art journaling pages I have done here. When I saw that she was selling some of her journals, I knew I wanted to get one so I could see her work LIVE not Memorex. :)

The day the journals went on sale, my computer crashed so I didn't get there until a day or so later and there were two journals left, so I purchased them!  You can see a picture of the covers here.  I ended up getting the "Be You" and "Affinity" Journals.  I only looked them over briefly tonight, but I can't wait to really look at the layers and the way it is put together. Kelly makes the whole book - the journal that I have been working in was handmade but not by me.  I wanted to look at not only the book itself, but how she puts the collage elements together. I'm not so bold yet, but I am working on it.  I'm excited to really explore these pages more so that I can jump to the next level of creativity on my own.  Or just do it at all. I haven't been doing much art journaling, but I think about it still a lot. I just need to carve out the time. I have been wasting too much time doing other things that are less important.

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