Thursday, May 14, 2009

May 14: Weird Dream

Weird dream.

I dreamed that I was sick and went to a hospital/clinic. They put me in a room right by the reception/intake desk and had me call a phone number.

I had to convince the phone tree that I didn't need an interpreter (ha!) and when I got a peson on the line, they had a Spanish accent of some kind and asked me what the voices were telling me. I laughed and said, "Well, I hear your voice and one that told me to call here. I don't need an interpreter."

Then I was transported elsewhere, waiting in my flowered nightgown. I felt stuffy and puffy like I felt when I woke up this morning (allergic to the pillows). I waited and waited and finally walked back to the reception/intake area.

When I went back, Patti Digh was there at the receptioin desk calling my name. I told her it was me and she smiled sweetly, "I can't just let you leave on your own knowing you haven't had your meds. Schizophrenia meds are powerful."

"Schizophrenia?!" I laughed. "No, no."

She looked at me kindly but with a look that said, "Of course you would say that."

"Who said I was schizophrenic? It was the voice on the phone, right?" She nodded.
"He *asked* me about voices. I don't hear voices unless it is a person on the phone or you talking to me!" She smiled serenely and patted my hand.

"Patti! NO!!" And I woke up.

It is calmer here today. No rain, less wind. It was beautifully stormy all day yesterday and the sound of the waves crashing was soothing all night. Today, I'm listening to my iPod - Carrie Underwood and Motherlode so far. In bed still, but beautiful day starting.

Photos from 5/14/09:

These are my feet on vacation (it's cold out, though)

This was right after I woke up...

First sight this morning

Actual view from my bedroom on 5/14/09

Big Splash

Jean and Mom soaking in the rays

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