Saturday, May 30, 2009

BookFest 2009 is Tomorrow!!

Kevin called me today to remind me (ha! as if I would forget or cancel!) that BookFest 2009 is upon us. We are embarking on our annual guilt-free book-buying spree! Thanks for being the planner, KGV. :)

I don't have a plan this year, again. I usually don't have one. The only plan I have is that the books need to be either books I am absolutely certain I don't already have (I have a lot of's hard to keep track all the time), or books that were published in 2009.

My goal is to buy books that I will ACTUALLY READ. Sometimes I buy books that I want to want to read, or books I should read, or books I'm compelled to buy. Now I want to buy books I'm compelled to read. Then, I'm going to start reading this year's books and work my way back through the books I have not read from years past (there are a lot of books and a lot of years).

I will be posting the take on my BookFest Blog (I don't visit often, but it is a place for me to track the BookFest booty) sometime this week. Look for it!

Wish me well on my book buying tomorrow! I CAN'T WAIT!!

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