Tuesday, May 12, 2009

iPod iNcompetence

So, I bought an iPod shuffle to help introduce myself into the iPod/digital music world after the dismal failure of the Pink mp3 player I had for several years before I actually opened the plastic in plastic in plastic container only to find that the battery did not work right. Couldn't have been the fact that it was past the warranty before I ever used it, right? I have learned my lesson.

So when I purchased my shuffle, I used it right away. Enough to help me realize that I really did want to have a device that could hold a bunch of my music in one place - but I FOR SURE wanted one that I could control so that I could listen to a CD in order (now, I think you can do that on a shuffle, but it took me a while to figure out...). My goal, to have my next Broadway season loaded into my iPod so that I don't have to run around my house looking for the CDs 30 days before the show.

I did a show that was unexpected and particularly painful and decided I would use the unbudgeted money to purchase an iPod Nano - 16 GB version. On the way home from the show, I stopped by Powell's Books in Beaverton, parked the car and as I was walking towards the door, I saw a Mac Store RIGHT THERE!! It was FATE! So I purchased my iPod Nano.

I have part of my goal accomplished. I have most of my Broadway show CDs for next year loaded into iTunes, ready to load into my iPod Nano.

Unfortunately, my computer decided not to recognize either iPod, so I have been unable to sync them to get new music on there. So I followed the troubleshooting directions. Over and over and over again. The 5 Rs. I restarted my computer, redownloaded iTunes. Then I reloaded the iPod Nano. BIG MISTAKE. The Reload is where it removes EVERYTHING and is supposed to put it all back and then some. It did not. Somewhere in the middle, it decided that it couldn't find the file. I fought and fought and fought with it and finally, I decided that I will bring my CD player to the beach with me for vacation because I didn't want to waste another minute on the damn thing.


I just want it to work. I have been to the Apple website a zillion times and have tried all kinds of things, but it just isn't working. I'm so frustrated. I just decided to deal with it later.

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