Friday, May 15, 2009

May 15: Ventured out - No photos outside of Condo...

Today, I traveled to Lincoln City and Depoe Bay briefly. No real shopping - just some groceries and checking out movie times for "Earth" at the local theatre. Didn't go to the movies. Watched "Mamma Mia" in the Entertainment Center at the condo clubhouse instead- 10 seats, big screen TV, great volume. It was fun.

Lots of time spent on the deck reading today, too, although not as much as yesterday. Yesterday, I read all day and had a nap. That was great. Today I had a short nap, but mostly, was in motion.

Outing, back for lunch, swimming, deck and reading, nap, dinner, "Mamma Mia", then "Buffy" - "Tabula Rasa" (one of my favorite episodes), then bed.

Starting to feel the tension ease out of my shoulders.

No Photos from 5/15/09. I have NO IDEA why I didn't take any photos in Depoe Bay or Lincoln City. I guess because I wasn't at the beach or sightseeing - I was on a mission to get groceries.

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