Sunday, May 31, 2009

Update: BookFest 2009

Well, I'm exhausted, but happy.  Today was hot and Powell's was crowded - I guess the Rose Festival traffic and a beautiful day brought lots of people to buy books.  I wanted them to GO OUTSIDE and stop standing in the middle of the aisle jabbering.  If you're going to talk, take it elsewhere - where there is space.

I succeeded in taking a whole new path in my purchases.  Usually, I have a lot of female authors, lots of books about family issues, relationships, blah blah.  This time, I have a couple of mysteries (not genre, but stories), a couple of foodie type stories, 3 books with young girls as the protagonist, a couple of books on other cultures, some morality commentaries and some Americana, mostly written by men.  What a strange and interesting turnaround.

Book list to come.

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