Monday, January 11, 2010

Detour Today

All this introspection and reminiscing is exhausting, so today, I decided I would just talk about some of the other stuff in my life, the world, etc.

  1. Most recent CD - Susan Boyle's cd (a gift from my mother)
  2. Show I'm working on - "Xanadu"
  3. Show I'm looking forward to working on - "The Lion King"
  4. Most recent movies I've seen - "New Moon" (yesterday). "2012" last weekend. "The Blind Side" a couple of weeks ago. I liked it very much. Bought the book.
  5. TV Show I'm most looking forward to - "American Idol"
  6. Favorite commercial - IKEA Ads with the woman screaming, "Start the car! Start the car!"
  7. Books I'm reading - "Julie and Julia", "Heat Stroke" (Weather Warden series), "Productivity".
  8. Book I'd like to read next - "Tiger's Curse" by local interpreter Colleen Houck
  9. Last book I bought for my Kindle - "The Blind Side" by Michael Ohr
  10. CD that will go into my car as soon as "Xanadu" is done - TBD. Anything else. Really. Anything. (It is a fun show, but 3 weeks of it, non-stop...come on.)
  11. What I should be doing instead of making this list - prepping for the show
  12. Most recent FB profile photo (because it is cute) -   

NOTE: I upgraded the Blogger software and now, whenever I try to insert photos, it makes the paragraphs center themselves. I keep trying to correct it, but it won't do it once the photo is in. I just can't quite get this the way I want it...always close, but no cigar.

1 comment:

  1. In Xanadu did Kubla Khan
    A stately pleasure-dome decree:
    Where Alph, the sacred river, ran
    Through caverns measureless to man
    Down to a sunless sea.

    Now we are in Xanadu!
    Xanadu, your neon lights are shining. . .



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