Thursday, January 14, 2010

Elephants are Beautiful

I love the colors in these photos and I love elephants.  I have always loved elephants and giraffes.  No idea why, but there you go.

The show went pretty well tonight - I was feeling a little low energy which made it a  little difficult, in addition the the sheer volume of the show.

The best part of this week is that I have a 3-day weekend and I will get to do some spontaneous art projecting. I love that.  I have some other stuff to do, but it's all good.  Divide the "Legally Blonde" movie...I will need to watch that soon to remember the story...

I can barely keep my eyes open and so far, I have typed two or three very strange sentences. I'd better go before my head hits the keyboard.


  1. Pretty!! Not too sure about those handbags, though... they don't really go with their shoes...

    Glad the show went ok; now you can replace Xanadu with something, anything, else :)

  2. PS: re: Jane Elliott: I thought I was the only one! I've been researching her and her experiment this a lot this week because of the class I'm interpreting where that film was just used. They also talked about The Third Wave and the Stanford Prison Experiments, all of which I have seen but it's been a while.

    Amazing stuff, all. Yeah, Mrs. Elliott was (is!) an amazing woman.



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