Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Balancing My Brain

I have had several people comment that my color is better or that I look more relaxed lately. Part of that is certainly due to days off around the holidays and several 3 day weekends since that time. Honestly, though, I attribute about 90% of this change to my artistic endeavors. Not that my extracurricular activities have to be art-y in nature - not necessarily.
As an interpreter, I am a language person. I see the meaning, the whole, then the details, the visual, the colors. I feel things and intuit them and make decisions based on that information coupled with evidence, when available. When I decreased the amount of time I interpret, I decreased the activity level of my right brain. Now, I do a job that is completely left-brained (in my opinion) and it takes a ton of energy for me to operate in that place.

When I started working with my creative side (whether it be writing, blogging, doing my journal, wrecking my journal, looking at art, making art, etc.), I think my brain started to feel more balanced. It is taking less energy to be in the left-brained world (although some days my desire to go there is decreased) and I feel more like I can disconnect from all of that than I could before.

Anyway, it feels good.

Here are some new pages from my journals:

I'm still not as courageous as I could be when I'm putting things together, but I'm still learning. I haven't given up. That's half the battle most of the time - just keep going and don't give up.


  1. ahh...balance! It's so nice to have, especially when you are spending the day in the 1/2 of your brain that isn't the familiar side.
    This is wonderful, Jean! I love the pages.
    Hugs - T.

  2. I think you're right - the key to the whole thing is to just keep going and don't give up. Well said and well done! nancy



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